Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, March 27 2011

  • Why does long division works? This is an exercise in number representation. Divide 123456 by 11 - explain why your method works? Divide 10000250 by 10 and then explain why your method works? Did your reasoning hold with consecutive zeros?
  • Now try dividing x^3+x^2-3x+1 by x-1. Follow the same steps, and try to get rid of the highest powers of x in each step. Cross check your solution by multiplying your result with (x-1).  Did the same reasoning hold for long division?
  • Mr. A has 30% sens card, 25% pens card, 15% ducks card, and rest of them are equally distributed among 27 different teams. He has been buying 4 cards per week, costing him 50c/week. He does this whenever he plays his hockey game. The season in all consists of 32 games - how much money he spent - how many sens, pens, and ducks card he has?  How many HABS card he has? What are chances that he has a PK Subban card? How much money he should invest to be more or less certain that he has a Subban's card?
  • Consider a square whose each side is of length one (unit square). How long is its diagonal? How will we do this for a unit cube?
  • Lets do the above problem for a cylinder, whose base has a radius of 1.5m, and its height is 4m. How long is the diagonal.

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