Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday June 20, 2010

This is the last week of the school for the kids, and after this week we will take a break for about 7 weeks - as all of us are travelling to different parts of the world.

  1. 9 zebras weight same as 4 yaks, 8 yaks weigh same as 15 xantus, 10 xantus  weigh same as 27 wolves. How many wolves weigh the same as 4 zebras?
  2. On a 200m circular race track in your school yard, Bruce and Anant are competing in a race, a long 10KM race. Bruce runs at the speed of 5m/sec and Anant runs at the speed of 4m/sec. How many meters has Anant run when they meet for the first time? Second time?  (Both of them are running in the same direction and start at the same time.)  
  3. Aditya and Mark smuggled 72 candies for their trip to the Arrowhead camp. Aditya being scared of getting caught, gives half of his candies to Mark, and since he is still very very scared, he gives in addition  12 more. Mark is thrilled - he has now become the Candy King, he has three times more than what Aditya is left with. How many candies each of Aditya and Mark had to begin with? 
  4. 3/4 of 30 is same as 9/10th of what number?
  5. Radhika buys her favourite sandal for a discount of 20%. Raju,  while strolling in Bayshore, spots the same sandal in two different stores. The one is selling it at  an additional discount of 20%  on what Radhika paid, the other store is selling it at a discount of 37% at the original price. Which deal is better for Raju?
  6. Two twins, Dharmesh and Prince, have a birthday on Feb 29th. Geeta, his mentor, decided to give Dharmesh $1 on Feb 1, $2 on Feb 2, $3 on Feb 3, ..., $29 on Feb 29th as the B'day gift.  Remo, Prince's mentor, decided to give him $20 everyday from Feb 1 to Feb 29th as his B'day gift. Who had a better present?
  7. Today's geometric construction - we will draw a parallelogram whose sides are  6cm long, angle is 45-degrees.  What is its area?       

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

  1. Suppose you have many carpet runners. Their dimension is typically 2ft by 6ft. Your room measure 8ft by 12ft. What kind of interesting patterns you can make to cover your room wall to wall.
  2. I have tossed a coin 10 times in a row, and so far I haven't got the Heads.  (Wow! I am so unlucky!). Does this increases my chance of getting a head in the next toss?
  3. What's  common between golf, notebook and doughnut (or medhu vada).
  4. Take a loonie (Canadian 1$ coin) and roll it along its edge on a table. Observe the eye of the loon (the bird/ or the Queen), and trace the curve it follows. What shape is this curve? (Learn More: Cycloid)  
  5.  Alice and Bob are in two different rooms, and they have no way to communicate with each other as well as they do not trust each other. Think both from Alice and Bobs viewpoint and reason what you will do in the following scenario:  Alice gets a $10 bill with the following promise - either she can keep the money or send it to Bob, and if Bob returns the favor then her amount will be doubled (Bob may just walk off).  Same is told to Bob, that either he can keep the money which came from Alice or send it back to Alice, and if she returns the favor then the amount which he had will be doubled. They can keep sending back and forth the money and keep doubling!   What will you do if you are Alice? or Bob?
  6.  In the news we have heard a lot about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Here is a simple Math problem related to this. They claim that 26,500 barrels of oil is spilled in a day (1barrel= approx. 160 l).  The diameter of the pipe from which the crude oil is oozing out is 20 inches.  How many barrels/per day you think they will be spilling out in case they made the diameter of that pipe 24 inches instead of 20 inches.
  7. An Olympic size swimming pool measures L=50m x W=25m x D=2m. What is the total volume of water it contains?  1 cubic meter requires 1000 liters of water. In terms of the Gulf oil spill, it started 48 days ago - how many pools of oil it is? If the pipe was 24 inches wide then how many swimming pools it would have filled?
  8. Can you arrange 9 dots on a piece of paper so that there are 10 straight lines, each passing through at least 3 dots.