Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, Boxing Day, 2010

Todays problems are based on SAT Exams.
  1.  On the boxing day, the sale price of all the items in the Eagle was dropped by 20%.  By what percentage they need to be raised, to bring them back to the level they were before the boxing day.
  2. If a number x is divided by 7, the remainder is 5. When the number y is divided by 7, the remainder is 3. What is the remainder when x+y is divided by 7.
  3. The average of a set of 5 numbers is 30. The average of three of them is 24. What is the average of the other two numbers?
  4. Given two numbers x and y, find the average of (x+y)^2 and (x-y)^2. Check your answer by setting x and y as (3,4) , (3-3), ...
  5. Mr. Generous wants to buy the best possible home theater for his family, so that  they can enjoy the vacation by watching best of the best. He goes to future shop, and asks the Salesperson to help him. He needs to buy a TV, DVD Player, Speakers and  Amplifier. In all Future Shop carries 20 types of TVs, 10 types of DVD players, 16 types of speakers and 6 types of Amplifiers. Each option takes him approximately a minute to evaluate. How long you think it will take him to make the best possible judgment?
  6. In Ottawa, all telephone numbers are listed as 613 xxx xxxx. How many different telephone numbers are possible? What about Toronto - do you think that one area code will suffice?
  7. Ad was assigned the job of lining up 5 kids, ages 2,3,4,5, and 6 in a Q, according to their age, but they are restless - and they keep shuffling their order in the line. What is the chance that Ad will succeed?   What is the chance that at least 4 of them are in the right order? What about at least 3?
  8. If my BBry buzzes every 5 mts and my iphone buzzes every 7 minutes, then when is the first time they will buzz simultaneously, assuming they were turned on at the same time? What if it was 4 and 8 minutes? What this had to do with prime numbers?
  9. My car typically travels about 500 Kms/week, and out of that 1/5th is on Highway and 4/5th on the city roads. For a liter of a gas, it gives an average of 9Kms in city and 11Kms on Highway. The cost of Gas today is $1.15/liter. How much money should I spend on the gas in a week?  The new Honda Hybrid  has the rating of  20Kms/l in city and 22.5Kms/l on Hwy. Whats the cost per week for the Hybrid?
  10. This is based on  the TED talk which I heard recently - are more choices good or bad for us? Think about the example of the Home Stero, suppose we had only two choices for each in place of so may possibilities, then what would you have preferred. Think of you set it up - and then you didn't like it - who will you blame?

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